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Rainy Barcelona


So I haven’t updated my blog in a while, so I figured today would be a good day to jot some things down. It has been raining this whole weekend, which has really put a damper on things (pun intended). So what has been going on in the life of Kerry for the past three weeks? As far as I am concerned, pretty much nothing, just doing the same old things, loving life here in Barcelona, but to everyone else, I have probably been doing a lot. I have been in Barcelona for the past two weekends, which has been extremely nice. I was so glad that I decided to stay in town these two weeks because the three weekends prior of constant travel was tiring and it was nice to just walk around a city, that I know well and leisurely, rather than trying to scramble to see every historic sight in 48 hours. The weather here is starting to get a little cooler (mid 60’s) which is a nice change and I can finally start to wear half the clothes I brought here instead of the same pair of shorts everyday.
This past week I had midterms. I think it is impossible for me to study in this city. I was distracted every ten minutes because I was thirsty, or I was hungry, or I needed to check Facebook or . . . etc. I did make it through the week, and hopefully with high grades. Here are some of the things I have been doing:
Magic Fountain Show: In front of Montjuic (a huge building that looks like a palace) there is a water fountain. The water fountain is really big and every Friday and Saturday night they put on a water show. It lasts for two hours and the water turns different colors and has different designs and is choreographed to music. You go at night, so it is really dark out and then Montjuic is lit up in the background and then there is just a giant fountain spewing water in every which direction. It is a really cool sight to see. I have now gone to that the past two weekends in a row and each time I went it was different. I filmed part of it so hopefully I can get a video posted to my website!
Saturday night I went to my friend Kaitlyn’s home-stay for dinner with her host mom. I love her host mom!! She is the cutest. I went to Sarria, the area where Kaitlyn lives on Saturday morning because there was a big festival celebrating one of the bakeries there. The festival ended up being a dud, but when I saw Kaitlyn’s host mom, Rosa, she insisted that I come for dinner. I had met Rosa one other time, so this was my second time. I went over after the fountain shows and Rosa greeted me with her giant smile, gave me the two kisses on the cheek, and readily handed me my plate and said “sientase guapa!” Meaning sit, pretty. (Everyone refers to other people as guapa, which literally means pretty, she always refers to us as guapas, it is so cute). She made us a vegetable mix, grilled chicken, and pan con tomate (traditional spanish dish, bread with crushed tomato and olive oil, it is pretty much seen as a sin if you eat dinner without it). We sat there and talked about traveling and our day, and she made jokes with us. She is the best!
Because it has been raining this weekend, unfortunately my great plans for the weekend had changed. I was originally going to go to the labyrinth in Barcelona today. I have never been, but I heard it was really big and fun, but I did not think being lost in maze in the pouring rain would be any fun so my friend and I decided to check out some museums instead. There is rumor floating around that all museums are free on the first Sunday of every month. It is not true. Some museums are free, others are not. So my friend and I wondered down to the Cathedral of Barcelona and went inside. We forgot, however, that it was a Sunday morning and mass would be going on, so we were only able to see a little bit of the church. We then wondered over the the neighborhood called El Born. This is one of my favorite neighborhoods in Barcelona because it is so quaint. We ended up taking a wrong turn and finding this archeology museum! We decided to try it (it was not free). The museum had remains from animals from over 10,000 years old! There were fossils from before the ice age, animals that were completely preserved because of the ice age, and information on a lot of prehistoric animals that are found in the Spain area. They had replicas of Woolley Mammoths, Saber-tooth Tigers (which I did not know did not exist anymore...), and all other sorts of giant animals like hairy rhinoceros (who knew those existed?). They also had replicas of cave drawings. It was really, really cool and I am so glad we stumbled upon it and went inside. The next museum we went to was the Pre-Columbian museum. This time the museum was free, but I did not like it at all and would have been mad if I had paid. It only had little Incan figurines everywhere. I spent about ten minutes there and then decided to go get lunch.
Bo Da B’s - I don’t think I have talked about this restaurant yet, but it deserves to be talked about. I have gone here about three times in the past two weeks for lunch. They have the BEST sandwiches in Barcelona. Actually, I can’t decide if they have the best sandwiches or if I just think they are the best because they are bigger than most bocadillos (sandwich in Spanish) in Spain or because they aren’t made of ham and cheese. Maybe it is a little of both. Anyways, this sandwich shop makes homemade bread, which is delicious. Then you chose either hamburger or chicken. Then you decide between feta cheese or manchango cheese. You then add as many toppings as you want: avocado, corn, lettuce, tomato, onions, and all different kinds of sauces. It is delicious, and it is only 5 euro! Which is very cheap compared to other places where you get a sandwich half the size. Another place that I found which has a great deal is called Pizza del Born. You get two slices of pizza (not the American size pizza slices, smaller) and a drink for 3.90 euros.

So that is about all I have to update! Tonight I am going to a bar with some people from my program to watch the Pats Giants game, which should be fun. Fingers crossed they are actually showing the game. Then I head off to ROMA on Friday morning!!

Here is the link to watch my video of the water fountain show! : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5sNFaTo1184

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